Culinary Tour
Rum Tasting
in Old San Juan

Old San Juan Culinary Tour

In between bites of mofongo and mallorca, you’ll stroll through the most historic and architecturally rich city in all of Puerto Rico. Experience it like you’ve never seen it: with a bilingual interactive guide that gets you behind the scenes and shares with you the “Fortress City’s” personality, rich history and interesting local tales. You will leave with a wider understanding of Old San Juan’s varied architectural gems and unique restaurants and island culinary specialties.

Rum Tasting Tour- Old San Juan

Our Rum Tasting Tour combines Premium Puerto Rican rum & a bite of delicious cuisine. Spend one hour at our signature restaurant, as their trained bartender walks you through tasting & distinguishing between four premium rums. Learn the history of rum, the secrets behind the brands & enjoy their tasty tapas. A refined tasting experience you shouldn’t miss.